Private Vatican Gardens Visit

Exclusive private visit to parts of Vatican never seen by general public. Beautiful walk through gardens with breathtaking views of St Peter's and the Sistine Chapel and private visit of Vatican Mosaic Workshop to see Vatican artisans creating masterpieces.

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per person for first two adults
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E 125 additional adult
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children under 18

Product description

Over fifty acres of gardens separate the Vatican from the secular world - filled with winding paths, brilliantly colored flowers, groves of massive oaks, ancient fountains and pools and medieval fortifications from the 9th century to the present.

Lofty palms and other plants from as far away as Australia and Brazil thrive in an harmonious blend of styles, cultures and eclectic botany that has defined the Vatican Gardens since the Renaissance.

Medieval fortifications, buildings and monuments from the ninth century to the present day are set amid flower beds and topiary, green lawns and a lush four-acre patch of forest. Paved roads and gravel paths link ornamental sections in various horticultural styles including an elegant Italian Renaissance estate, a flowery French park and a naturalistic English landscape.

 A variety of fountains spread a veil of freshness over the gardens while sculpture and artificial grottoes proclaim devotion to the Madonna, and an olive tree donated by the government of Israel extends its three verdant branches. From many points in the garden, Michelangelo's majestic dome crowning St. Peter's Basilica can be glimpsed through the foliage.

Painstakingly maintained by 30 full-time gardeners, the gardens take up about one-third of the Vatican City, the world's smallest sovereign state.

Other features include a replica of the Grotto of Lourdes and a section of the Berlin Wall. There is also a long-ruined wall built in the ninth century to protect St. Peter's from further raids by marauding invaders and a small kitchen garden which provides lettuces, tomatoes and other vegetables for the pope's table.

The Vatican gardens are one of the greatest garden realms of the world.

The Vatican Mosaic Studio opened in the 16th century. It checks and restores the ten thousand square meters of mosaic in Saint Peter’s Basilica. Precious mosaics issue continuously from its laboratory for private customers or for the Pope, who frequently makes gifts of them during official visits. The visit of the Mosaic Workshop will remain as one of the most memorable experiences in Rome.

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private, exclusive visit of Vatican closed to general public through beautiful Vatican Gardens

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tour category: private tour
tour duration: two hours
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tour availability: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays
participants meeting time: 08.30 am
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entrance ticket: not included at E 20/person
children discount: up to two children under 18 years free
transportation: not included

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Tour cost:
Euro 390 for two persons
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up to two children 18 yrs old free ( pay only admission )

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